Check Out Our FAQ Page for Common Information About Us

If you are on our FAQ page right now, you might have some questions or inquiries that need some answering. We understand this and have been asked before by our customers the same questions you might find yourself asking as well. Of course, if it is a concern, or something personal, about our services that you wish to have addressed you are always free to give us a call. Here are some questions we have been asked.

What is your company offering?

We are a flooring service provider in Cary, NC that you can hire for different types of flooring work which includes installations, repairs, replacements, and even refinishing.

Since when have you been offering these services?

Our company, MH Floors LLC was established in 2014 but we have been doing commercial and residential flooring work for many years before that. We always believe that we need to be the best version or improved version of ourselves to be able to confidently offer our services under a company brand name.

Have you been trained for this type of job?

Yes. Training is required and is important in order to provide quality flooring services. We would not be able to be as efficient or as reliable if we have not been trained well to do the job we are tasked to do.

Do you offer discounts or estimates?

Yes, we do offer estimates for free and you can give us a call to get started on it. We also offer discounts to senior citizens and the military. Make sure to present a valid ID to claim the 10% discount off on all our services.

What types of flooring do you work best with?

We work with all types of flooring but we are known for our wood flooring work. This is for both residential spaces as well as commercial ones.

Would I need to evacuate my home while you work?

Not necessarily. Although most of our customers would not be around while we work to either avoid the noise or the inconveniences of not being able to move around the house because of the flooring work.

Do you also work for commercial establishments?

Yes. MH Floors LLC does offer professional flooring services to commercial establishments as well. If you want to make sure that your commercial space is within our idea of a commercial establishment as it can come in different sizes and purposes, you can give us a call.

Will you be using your own equipment?

Yes. We would be using our own equipment. This is not only because it would be inconvenient to expect our customers to have to supply us with things we need to have, but we have also trained and work with our own equipment for years. We are more used to them.

If you need us to answer any more questions that you may have that are not found here or if you find the answers here lacking some sort of clarification, call us at (919) 799-5051. We would want nothing more than to have our customers’ concerns addressed right away especially when it comes to the services we have to offer in Cary, NC.